Planted 2.5 million+ long-lived trees - A Gift to Motherland

When you sow a tree, you don’t just sow a sapling but hope. We have sown 2.5 million+ hopes for the future. We have understood it the hard way that trees are immensely essential for our survival. A tree, in its wholeness, can devote each of its parts to sustaining life. From its leaves to its roots and its bark, every part of a tree has something to contribute and has deep value.

Created 75 Lakes & Conserved 1280+ Crore Liters Water

Water is such a necessity of life that if not available, life will come to standstill. In Amreli and Bhavnagar districts in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, different villages like Rasnal, Badalpur, Chital, Sanosara, Shilana, Harsurpur, and Devlia were facing water scarcity. We built 75 lakes in which rainwater is stored. Our goal is to make 100 lakes, which we will accomplish soon.

Blood Donation Drive - Every Drop Counts!

We host blood donation drives, twice a year to raise awareness about blood donation and its importance in saving lives. "Blood donation is one of the finest gestures one can make to save people's lives," believes Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder and Managing Director of HK.

Planted 778 Peepal (Sacred fig) Trees on 60th Birthday of Savji Dholakia

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "I am Ashvattha in the trees." Means, Amongst trees, I am the peepal tree (sacred fig tree). On the auspicious day of Somavati Amas and the special day of Mr. Savji Dholakia, as it was his 60th birthday, he planted 778 Peeple plants with his own hands. He said, "He is thankful to Lord Krishna for allowing him to restore confidence in people's lives by planting peepal trees which are a source of maximum oxygen.

Medical Aid

Our employees and their health remains of prime importance to us. 9000 H. K. employees and their family members are provided with free health check ups every year. A blood donation camp is organized to benefit Lok Samarpan Blood Bank in Surat annually. In addition, we have also organized Thalassemia tests for our employees.

Education Aid

We believe that nothing should come in between a child and their education. We empower our employees’ families with financial assistance for higher education. We also award children who perform exceptionally well in academia or extracurricular activities.

Food Aid

Nutritious food is served everyday for all the employees at H. K. as well as students. Through this we aim to achieve a sense of community and harmony.