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Men's Fascination With Diamonds - The Rising Of A New Trend 'Diamonds Are For Men Too'!

Watch it, women; the guys are turning heads by storm with stylish diamond jewellery on the diamond market.

This statement a few years ago would have created quite a laugh among the Top Diamond companies in India. But author James Sherwood in his book Jewelry for gentlemen, investigates the rebirth of men's jewellery in the 21st century, a recreation of patterns in many respects from the past.

While males wearing earrings were, for example, 'comedic or common' just 20 years ago, today, a diamond stud is seen as a symbol of elegance for black-tie occasions owing to the influence of celebrities and athletes.

These diamonds are graded on three different axes hue (the actual color - i.e., red, blue, green, or anything in between), tone (the relative lightness or darkness of the color), and saturation (how strong or weak the color is).

Talking about the impact of fashionable male superstars, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Will Smith are the names that pop up when it comes to men and jewellery, especially diamond jewellery.

Can men wear Diamonds? No excuse to wear diamonds

It is quite obvious when you look around or on the internet; there is not a lot of information regarding whether men can/should wear diamond jewellery; it is difficult to find something useful.

So, let us clear a few things. Can men wear diamonds? Yes! Absolutely yes! It can be men's diamond rings, diamond-studded earrings, in short, men's diamond jewellery.

Just to let you know, if we look at the historical lineages. Men tended to wear more diamond jewellery than women, especially the royalties. Ask Louis XIV of France, like, not literally because he is dead and whatnot.

He was the first man in history to possess one of the largest and most prestigious diamonds: The Hope Diamond, which is a 45.52-carat blue diamond currently on display at Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

The royalties, especially man wore men's diamond jewellery to represent their lineage, social status, and acumen prominently in the 16th & 17th Centuries.

In recent years, Men's jewellery such as men's diamond rings, diamond earrings for men, etc. mostly brought to dawn by the millennials. The global sales for men's diamond jewellery have risen by 48%.

Social media plays a crucial role in the men's diamond gem craze as Diamonds have become a significant fashion statement and style classifier for guys in a highly visual Instagram culture.

As we talked about how celebrities and sports stars signify men's diamond jewellery by creating a trend, this leads us to the association between diamonds and sports.

Say, for example, National Football League(NFL) Super Bowl Rings are some which have diamonds loaded. The Super Bowl Ring symbolizes its shared success as a prize for the victorious team. The more diamonds, the better and more attractive.

Every team adds a diamond to every following ring. The more Super Bowls won, the shiner the ring will be.

Hence, with changing social mores, particularly the striving for gender equality in Western culture, diamonds, and jewellery, are becoming more and more the domain of men, which is what the Diamond Manufacturers and Jewellery brand owners need to be aware of work about.

What do modern men wear? Men's Diamond rings and other jewellery

Let's just get straight to the point - Men, especially the youth, have a stalwart mindset that diamonds are only available in watches. Rather, there are a lot of different options for men to complete the diamond look.

Wedding/engagement rings: It is not unusual for males to wear one or more diamonds in the marriage ring. After all, the diamond symbolizes power and love. Men looking for a more tough and sturdy look because they prefer something less flashy and rougher can always opt for men's black diamond rings. Men's wedding rings with diamonds often comprise brilliant princess cuts, round cut, emerald cut diamonds, and angular diamond cuts are also in trend.

Signet diamond rings for men: “Manners maketh man” - Your manners and the way of conduct are what defines who you are. It's not Shakespearean, remember the famous Hollywood spy movie James Bond's “Diamonds are Forever” or the recent Kingsmen where the well-suited gentlemen rocks a diamond ring in their pinky finger.

Well, those were quite deadly spy gadgets. But, they are the perfect example of signet rings for men. This ring has an etching on the top, a flat circular piece. It often doesn't have an engraving today when males wear a signet ring. The ring is likely to include precious stones, such as diamonds or rubies. The flat surface contains one diamond, a diamond cluster, or perhaps several diamond rows.

These pieces of diamond rings for men are usually a style statement of classiness.

Diamond earrings for men: No, I am not inspired by Jack sparrow or any Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Yes! It is true; earrings were first worn by sailors/pirates. But, the dangly ones are a big NO-NO. (Well, if you can pull that off. Go ahead!)

Often to show off personality, it depends entirely on you whether you wear one or two earrings. They are both acceptable. Square diamonds, such as a princess or a brilliant diamond, are quite trendy. Gold embedded with unique designs with precious stones is nice too.

Men's Diamond (tennis) bracelets: While in the past, quirky, gothic bracelets with suspended stones and loose threads were desired, the times and fashions have changed now!

As more and more men discovered the allure of diamond bracelets. The shine creates the aura of the center of attention around you, and honestly, who doesn't like that.

At the same time, instead of the leather and other bad boy look, men's diamond bracelets give you a more classy, sophisticated, and gentlemanly look.

Men's diamond chain: The diamond chain with a pendant can throne any guy a hunk of the town, elegant but handsome. Men prefer strong, big, and bold diamond pendants emoting the rugged and alpha personality. And a bigger/thicker chain.

A piece of men's diamond necklaces with pendants is undoubtedly popular. Diamond crosses are typical pendants for guys but also additional symbolic or religious signs.

You can always rely on them to look absolutely stylish.

Cufflinks and Tie-pins: These are the classic men's diamond jewellery alternatives that you might already know about. There may be merely some traditional cufflinks for males, which could be marked as a look-accomplisher.

If you enjoy everything and you're preparing for a formal, showy occasion - maybe a prize ceremony or a date night - go big! A pair of glitzy diamond cufflinks will uplift the whole look.

Whereas, Tie-pins is more than a look enhancer. Bring your pin to your shirt and tie, pin somewhere between the 3rd and 4th buttons, so you're set to go. Reason? People have started dressing up more nowadays.

Tie-pins show your knowledge of fashion as without it you might look good but not perfect. Most people today have recognized the difference between good and perfect.

And a diamond tie-pin makes you exceptional.

Find a piece of Diamond Jewellery for yourself!

There is no specific guide to buying diamond jewellery, but if you are more inclined towards looking classy, you might want to go for more simple, bold, masculine jewels and diamonds. However, some of you with a little bold personality might go for something big, steely dazzling diamonds if it is more blingy.

Men's Diamond Jewellery be it men's diamond rings, diamond earrings for men, or diamond men's bracelets, are like man buns. You won't know you can rock it until you have it.

Hari Krishna Exports Private Limited commemorates the men who give their everything for diamond manufacturing.

HK also encourages more young men by offering training in the in-house capabilities of our production unit that employees do not have in other sectors. This coaching helps them build some new skills and enter the natural diamond manufacturing industry.

So let's stop glorifying Diamonds only with the female beauties because Men do desire diamonds and #DiamondsAreForMenToo

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