05th April, 2022 | 1 day ago

Technological advancement in the jewelry industry

3D printing - 3D printing has augmented the capabilities of CAD in jewelry designing. It helps in achieving a high degree of detailing in jewelry design, easier corrections, and has significantly shortened the overall time to produce fine jewelry. 3D printing has also made it possible to craft jewelry items out of malleable metals. The jewelry industry is slowly adapting to technological advancements that have revolutionized other sectors. 3D printing, augmented reality and computer-aided design (CAD) are now an exciting reality. One, which presents a whole new way to design, produce and shop for jewelry.

The combination of computer-aided design (CAD) software and a 3D printer is becoming more and more mainstream. The benefits to designers are many and easy to spot - faster production times, easy corrections and amazing amount of detailing. Jewelry is created by Lost-Wax Printing and Casting. This technology expands on modern 3D printing technology as well as traditional metal casting. The end result are pieces - far more versatile, complex and customized.

CNC - Using CNC machinery to create intricate jewelry comes with a number of benefits. One of the biggest benefits is increased efficiency; since the element of human error is all but eliminated with a CNC machine, artisan jewelers can get a more consistent result with fewer mishaps. This, in turn, can save them valuable time and resources, especially when working with precious metals where any waste is costly.

Electroforming - Electroforming has helped in the creation of artisanal jewelry that is robust but lightweight. There are different kinds of electroforming and each comes with its unique benefits. This method essentially helps in converting any natural and non-metallic materials into components used in metal jewelry. You can now transform your favorite objects into jewelry through the process of electroforming.

Laser - Although laser has been used in the field of technology for many years now, it has now found increased use in jewelry making, cutting, decorating and even welding. In fact, trends in jewelry, design are largely influenced by laser technology. Using lasers, jewelers can carve out microscopic hallmarks and ID markers on precious stones too. And lasers have been phenomenal when it comes to ensuring security and preventing thefts.

Shopping made easy - Now, augmented reality (AR) transcends the virtual realm to deliver a lifelike feel when shopping online. Face recognition software proved to be a hit with the makeup and hair styling industries. Now, augmented reality allows clients to try out rings, bracelets and necklaces without leaving their home. On the selling front. VR / AR is being widely adopted by most industries, and in jewelry too, it will disrupt the retail experience and change the way consumers interact with precious gems and jewelry. Imagine a luxury jewelry showroom that can be accessed in the comfort of one's home - with realistic visualizations and try one of the products possible. Technology has entirely transformed how we buy jewelry today. Today, many people find it more convenient and comfortable to purchase even heavy expensive jewelry without visiting stores offline. Online jewelry shopping has undergone massive developments, thanks to technology. What's more, you can now design jewelry items to your liking, and buy them from the seller. And all of it just by clicking a few buttons and without budging an inch from your couch!

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