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Purchase Cut & Polished Certified Diamonds- Only at HK online Diamond store

At Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. we believe diamond cutting is not only an art but also a very precise science. It takes years of training to master the skills required to be a competent diamond cutter and polisher.

To shape a raw stone to its perfect dimensions, symmetry, and polish, precise craftsmanship and experience are necessary. It is the only way to achieve the beautiful reflection of light through a perfectly crafted diamond.

The fraction of diamond facets and polish of a diamond that impacts the overall look, brilliance, fire, luminescence, and quality of the diamond is referred to as the diamond cut. The cut of a diamond is rated on a scale of Brilliant to Bad.

The entire process of cutting and polishing the diamond takes several hours to transform the rough stone into a glittering beauty. HK strives to deliver cut and polished diamonds in the finest possible condition with a team of expert craftsmen that works to stand HK in the list of top 10 diamond companies in India.

Here at HK, we have cataloged the best of cut & polished diamonds ranging from 0.01 ct to 10 plus carat sizes varying in the round and more than 10 fancy shapes, certified and non-certified.

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  • Fair and Fixed Price Policy
  • At HK, we follow a Fair and Fixed Price Policy to close the business deals to ensure transparent and smooth business practices.
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  • Global Volume Advantage
  • We offer a "New Global Advantage Opportunity" with the standard benefits on volume purchases of all our certified diamonds.
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  • 100% Ethically-sourced Diamonds
  • Since HK is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), all the diamond trade at HK is Kimberley process compliant. Learn More.

  • Advanced Diamond Buying App
  • We have incorporated the advanced and interactive diamond buying app - hk.co with cutting-edge features like 360 video, x-ray images, etc.
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  • Diamond Buying WhatsApp Store
  • Now all HK Diamonds inventory is available on your WhatsApp. You can Explore, View, and Buy HK diamonds in a single message. Learn More.

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